Saturday, February 14, 2009

Winter Storm Visits FPC!

Every year, at some point during the winter months, a picturesque blanket of snow visits Friendly Pines. This came in December as a gentle few inches, just enough to cover the ground and frost the trees. Then, after several weeks of warm temperatures and cloudless skies came 4 inches…and it kept snowing. Five more inches overnight…and it kept snowing. All day long we plowed and shoveled but couldn’t keep up. The steps and walkways around the Dining Lodge would be shoveled expertly only to be covered by an inch of new powder within the hour. It snowed all day and into the night. After almost two straight days of snow, 20 inches of snow covered camp. The gentle blanket of snow was replaced by the entire linen closet. It had been over a decade since anyone had seen a winter storm like this at camp.

This time of year is not only our snowy season but also marks the beginning of our spring season and we welcomed our first large school group from the valley. The students and teachers of Trevor Browne High School were treated to a winter wonderland. Everyone arrived to sunny skies and warm temperatures…Oh! it would change so quickly. Snowmen and angels were constructed, snowballs flew through the air, and hot cocoa was consumed at an impressive rate. When it was time for Trevor Browne to depart, shoveling, plowing and good spirits prevailed; the students and teachers all made it back to the comfortable climes of the Phoenix valley.

It is now time to share some pictures…words can only say so much.

Before the snow could get reigned in, walking to the Dining Lodge was quite the task.

Remember watching skits, singing songs, and basking in the warm summer sun at the benches? Where are they now?
Boys Village from the Dining Lodge. Note the deep foot prints.

Emily and Stevie try to dig out the luggage trailer.
The Post Office and Smoki/Comanche cabins after the first night of snow. We all thought it was quite the sight...We were wrong...

This is quite a sight!

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